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Lenovo G40-70 G40-30 G40-45 G40-70A G40-75 G50-30 G50-70 G50-75 G50-80 Laptop Replacement Fan

Lenovo G40-70 G40-30 G40-45 G40-70A G40-75 G50-30 G50-70 G50-75 G50-80 Laptop Replacement Fan

  • Product Code: G40-70
  • Availability: In Stock
  • RM69.00

Lenovo G40-70 Laptop Replacement Fan


Product Type OEM Replacement for Lenovo



Fit For Part no.


Compatible for

Lenovo G40-30
Lenovo G40-30-NTH
Lenovo G40-30-NTW
Lenovo G40-45
Lenovo G40-45-ASI
Lenovo G40-45-ETW(D)
Lenovo G40-70
Lenovo G40-70A
Lenovo G40-70AM-IFI
Lenovo G40-70AT-CTW
Lenovo G40-70AT-IFI
Lenovo G40-70AT-ITH
Lenovo G40-70AT-PTH
Lenovo G40-70M
Lenovo G40-75
Lenovo G40-75-ATE
Lenovo G40-80
Lenovo G41-35 
Lenovo G50-30
Lenovo G50-45
Lenovo G50-45-ETW
Lenovo G50-70
Lenovo G50-70A
Lenovo G50-70AT
Lenovo G50-70AT-IFI
Lenovo G50-70AT-ISE
Lenovo G50-70AT-ITH
Lenovo G50-70AT-PTH
Lenovo G50-70M
Lenovo G50-70MA-IFI
Lenovo G50-75
Lenovo G50-75MA-ATE
Lenovo G50-80

Lenovo Z40-30
Lenovo Z40-70
Lenovo Z40-75
Lenovo Z50-70
Lenovo Z50-75 CPU Fan


1 Month (Manufacturing defect)

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